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What Men are Attracted to...

          Men may be attracted to many things when it comes to a woman but the first impression is always about beauty and will she be able to bear his children. A beautiful face, good teeth, a beautiful smile, a good figure, well-proportioned breasts and good hips. Instinctively what a man looks for is a woman who can bear his children. It's all about propagation of the species and a man views a woman in this way consciously or subconsciously. They might all have a little different preference, but it boils down to "Will she be able to bear my children?" Even if it's a man who says he doesn't want children. This is all animal instinct, it is not conscious thought even though it may transcend into conscious thought.

          Men and women alike think they know what they want in a mate but are unaware of the animal instinct that lies within. If you want a man in your life, then you must look attractive. This doesn't mean you have to be perfect. Your face is the most important and your eyes tell all. He will look deep into your eyes to see what's behind them the same as a woman will do to a man. Try to overcome nervousness, although you will always have some, show confidence and always keep Secret No. 3 in mind.

          Men are also attracted to the female voice and it's many intonations. A sultry sexy voice is always attractive when used at an opportune time.

          Clear bright eyes denote good health and this is what a man will be attracted to. A healthy woman will be fertile and able to bear children. Good teeth, bright eyes, etc., denote good health. Here are some things you can do to ensure good health:

          Get exercise. Walking is the best way to start. It would be ideal to live a couple miles from work and to walk to and from work everyday. Walking helps to build your cardiovascular and helps your lymphatic system to get rid of toxic buildup in your body.

          Stay away from refined sugar, white flour and anything that is detrimental to toxic buildup in your body as much as you possibly can. Eat natural sugars like fruit. Always eat fruit by itself never with a meal. Special Note: Alcohol is sugar. The way you get a higher alcohol content in beer, wine or hard liquor is to increase the refined sugar in the mixture. Refined sugar basically burns you out. It's like adding oxygen to a fire. It can really give it a lot of energy right away but it burns out very quickly. Natural sugars, like what's in fruit, give the body just what it needs. Fat is stored carbohydrates, which is sugar. Sugar is what causes you to gain weight. There is a lot to being healthy so learn about what is right for you. There is a wealth of information on the internet. You can start right here: Proufoundly Healthy

          Getting healthy builds your self-esteem, reduces stress and helps you in many other ways and it is attractive to a man.

For more health tips go here: Proufoundly Healthy

          In most studies about relationships they look at what the opposite sex likes but that isn't what we are dealing with here. It's not about what they like It's about what attracts them to you! It has to do with the "Law of Attraction" . This wasn't really addressed, mainly because it was not really known or understood. If you feel it was, then answer this question"What attracts the opposite sex to you?" If you know the answer then you don't need to read any further.

     Ah_____, I see you're still here! That's good!

     In reading books about relationships be very careful as some of them are telling you to do things that will actually drive that special someone away from you instead of bringing them closer.

Special Note: Life is about Balance. Too much one way, not enough in another way and things fall apart, so never go too far when dealing with the opposite gender.

What some people are saying:

  • "was anxious to read your ebook. So, I've been reading and am really enjoying it and have learned a lot. I will refer to both books often."
  • "I've been in the process of divorce for about 3 years, but have been dating one guy who broke my heart. I was so perplexed. I thank you much for your wisdom. I was doing some things right, but certainly didn't understand the "rules" of the game. I feel much better about the future and hope I can find "Mr. Right". At least I feel I'll have a fighting chance!"

  • Special Note: Bonus - Even though our e-books mainly deal with the Man - Woman Relationship there is a lot of useful data that can be applied to every type of relationship e.g: Boss - Employee, Friends, Relatives, Sons and Daughters, Parents and even foreign diplomats if you have a mind to use it that way. Remember, it's about getting what you want in life.

  • From a person who just lost his job due to down sizing. - Funny your e-book helped me be a strong man to the guy who came over from Germany. They were basically offering me a months notice which is a joke for 4yrs service. I got the attitude which you said to use and ended up getting 3 months plus negotiating 6k commission.

  • Please tell your friend(s) about our web site and e-books because they need this valuable information too and because you would be greatly helping them. Your friends are counting on you.

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