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101 Romantic Dates

"May These Ideas Spark Your Imagination"

1. The Picnic Basket – The picnic basket or picnic in the park, has been a standard for many years as a romantic date. Use it with many of the following date ideas to make it even more romantic.
2. Hot Air Balloon - There are quit a few places now that feature hot air balloon rides and I believe some offer the picnic in the sky option.
3. Rent a Wreck – Rent a classic or antique car from Rent a Wreck and take the picnic with you. It’s not so much the drive you’re on but the attention you will get riding in a classic car.
4. Rowboat – The rowboat on the pond always does the trick and don’t forget the picnic basket for on the shore.
5. Picnic on the Beach – This is great for a nice summer day.
6. Picnic in the Pasture – This always works as long as there are no mean bulls around. Know where you are going.
7. Petting Zoo – Animals are always a way to tell a person’s nature. See how they treat the animals and it could be a good indication of how they will treat you.
8. Farm Excursion – Go to a local farm and meet some farm animals and take a walk in the pasture but once again be careful of the bulls and be sure and get the farmer's permission.
9. Hiking – In a National Park or on a trail somewhere. See some wild animals.
10. Sail Boating – Learn how to sail. It doesn’t matter the size of the boat only that you know how to operate it. Don’t forget the life jackets and make sure your date isn’t scared of the water or boats for that matter.
11. Horseback Riding – You can find many places that offer horseback riding. Be sure your date is up for it.
12. Snorkeling – Try it you’ll like it. Be sure your date isn’t scared of the water or fishes.
13. Parasailing – Be sure your date isn’t afraid of heights and this will be a sure winner.
14. Hang Gliding – Be sure to go with a reputable Hang Gliding Expert. This is not for novices but it can be exhilarating.
15. Sky Diving – Same as above. Don’t take this lightly. Be sure you know what you are doing and what the risks are. Do not goad anyone into doing this. This isn’t for the faint of heart.
16. Motorcycling – This can be a great day of fun but make sure you know how to handle a motorcycle and don’t ride a motorcycle that is out of your league and don’t be a show off. That won’t win you any points. Motorcycles are fun but they are dangerous in inexperienced hands.
17. Amusement Park – This can be a great time but I don’t recommend it for anyone who can’t win a prize for his or her date. You could come back disheartened. Maybe practice first.
18. Bicycling – This is a great way to spend a day and you can do it in many places. It's also a great way to get in shape so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.
19. Roller Blading - Be sure to do this in a place where the both of you are comfortable doing it. I wouldn’t advise hills. Also a great way to get in shape as all outdoor activity is.
20. Roller Skating – This is great to do at a rink. If you’re not good at it you will be respected if you give it your best shot.
21. Ice Skating – if you live in the frozen north or there is an ice arena close by this can be a lot of fun.
22. Videos and Popcorn – This can be a great evening event but don’t do it twice in a row as they may think that you don’t have much of an imagination.
23. Movie and Popcorn – Same as above. Don’t do it twice in a row. There are so many other things to do.
24. Hay Ride – These used to be a lot of fun snuggling in the hay. Be sure that it is done on level ground as people have been known to fall off the hayrack and get hurt because of going up hills.
25. Karaoke – Ah one of my favorite times and you can do it too.
26. Water Skiing – This can be great fun just be sure your date isn’t scared of the water.
27. Swimming – You can do this at the lake or at the pool. It’s great as long as you don’t swim like a rock but then maybe your date will save you.
28. Water Polo – Water Polo and other water sports could be a good time if you and your date swim well.
29. A Live Show – This can be a great time but I don’t recommend it for a first date as it can be a bit pricey and overly impressing them isn’t the way to go as then they feel obligated.
30. Talking – Just sitting down and having stimulating conversation can be really romantic. You can listen to some soft music and pet the cat while you’re at it.
31. Tea Time – Go have a tea at a local tea place and do the above Talk. (I don’t promote coffee as it isn’t good for you and it can give you a buzz where you’re not thinking straight and that wouldn’t be good.
32. Play a Game – Games with friends can be a great way to get to know someone and to let them get to know you. If you both like Chess that’s an option too but be sure and be a good winner and/or loser.
Tip for the guys: Foreplay starts at the very beginning of the date, correction, it actually starts before the beginning when you ask her out or when you first meet her. For a woman, it actually starts at first meeting and it never ends. Read our e-books for more on this and never ask a woman out, suggest… more on that in our e-books at
33. Sports – Playing sports can be a great date just remember to not get serious about winning or losing as that can be a downer when playing with your date. Joke about it, that’s the best.
34. Watching Sports – Now a lot of guys like to watch sports but not necessarily a lot of women so be sure your date is into it and don’t do it twice in a row.
35. Gardening – Tell your date you’re going to come over and help them weed their garden or plant some vegetables. Or take them a potted tomato plant and show them how to care for it.
36. Reading a book Together – Like our e-books; 3 Secrets to a Woman’s Heart and 3 Secrets to a Man’s Heart. I just had to through that in there. Okay you might want to read a novel together.
37. A Walk Along the Beach – This can be done most anytime but in the Moonlight is especially good.
38. Going Fishing – If you are both into it this can be good and you can cook the fish afterwards, that’s if at least one of you is a good fisherperson.
39. Observatory – Take them to look at the stars. What’s more romantic than that?
40. Telescope – Get your own telescope and go look at the stars. Now you can even hook it up to a computer and view it on the screen TOGETHER.
41. Serenade – Get a Guitar and learn a few chords and serenade your date. Write a song and sing it to them. Any musical instrument will work.
42. Comedy – Entertain them with a stand up comedy routine. Maybe do it at a comedy club.
43. The Hotdog – Take a walk and buy them lunch at a hotdog vendor. Really splurge, get everything on the hotdog.
44. Dancing – Take them dancing. This is by far one of the most romantic things to do. If you don’t know how to dance go take lessons. It’s not rocket science!
45. Dancing 2 – Take them to a River Dance Production if you can find one. If they like the ballet you could try that too.
46. Disney – Everybody loves Disney. Do some Mickey Mouse thing. Do an impression of him or something.
47. Impressions – Learn some impressions. It will impress your date for sure.
48. Frisbee – Go to the park and take a Frisbee and maybe a dog and that famous picnic lunch.
49. Phone Date – It’s sometimes hard to phone and ask for a date so don’t phone for a date, have a date on the phone. Both of you get something out of the fridge and have your date over the phone.
50. Computer Date – Set up your Web Cams and have a date over the computer. You could have cheese crackers and wine and if you have that telescope you could share some star gazing through the computer.
51. Science – Take them to a Science Center and learn lots. Learning is always romantic.
52. Rodeo – Take your date to the local rodeo. You could go ride a Brahma Bull together. Okay, that’s just silly!
Definition of Romance: Comes from the Roman days when a person would tell stories to entertain people. A fictitious tale. It has now transpired into the art of lovemaking and flirtation.
53. Cook – Cook them a dinner. Doesn’t matter what just cook. Don’t burn it though! Okay, maybe you should order in.
54. The Art Gallery – Go to an art gallery and get into some good conversation about what Van Gogh was thinking.
55. Poems – Write a poem and then get that picnic lunch and recite it but don’t make it mushy and don’t put them up on a pillar and drool over your date. Write the poem about life in general and how you view life. Don’t make it personal.
56. A Drive in the Country – Take a drive in the peaceful countryside. Drive slowly and enjoy Mother Nature, then stop the car and go for a walk and look at the scenery.
57. Ice Sailing – This is a fun and exciting time if you can find a place to do it. Of course it takes an Frozen Lake. More the reason to snuggle close and keep warm.
58. Sleigh Ride – Yeah this is a great one especially around Christmas.
59. Buggy Ride – Find a place that will provide a horse and buggy and this can be a fun time. You could also try those ones they have in Central Park New York if you have a mind to go there.
60. Paint Ball – Be sure you’re on the same side as your date. It’s fun conquering together.
61. Circus – Yeah the old big top is always a lot of fun. I wouldn’t advise doing the high wire though.
62. MacDonald’s - No not for a burger. you know that area where the kids play and they have all those colored balls that you can get lost in. Go play in them.
63. Laser Tag – Sort of like Paint Ball without the injuries.
64. Concert – Go to a good concert and groove to the music.
65. Catch - Go play catch in the park.
66. Toss a Football – Again go throw the ball around in the park.
67. Build something – That’s right, take a furniture building class together.
68. Housework – That’s right, tell your date you’re going to come over and help them clean there place, TOGETHER. See No. 101 for more on why TOGETHER is so important.
69. Plane Ride – Take them up in a small plane. Much more fun than flying in a big jet.
70. Gliding – Learn how to fly a glider. It’s about an eight-hour course. It’s awesome being up there in the clouds and with so much silence you’d have an opportunity for great conversation.
71. Mountain Climbing – I don’t recommend this for amateurs. You could just go to one of those wall-climbing places.
72. I Spy – Play “I Spy with my little eye”. Really, it could be a lot of fun.
73. Window Shopping – Yeah this can be a lot of fun as it helps to express your dreams and desires.
74. Dune Buggying – This is great fun if you can find a place to do it.
75. Snow Mobiling – Out in the wilderness, together, on one snow mobile.
76. Snow Balls – Have a snowball fight, make snow angels, and play in the snow.
77. Tobogganing – This is the ultimate romantic fun. Playing in the snow.
78. Skiing – for people who are into the sport this is a great time as long as people can ski somewhat.
79. Trail Ride – Take a trail ride and camp out in the wilderness.
80. Camping – Just the two of you together out with the bears and the squirrels and what ever other animal comes along.
81. Fishing – This can be a real relaxing time until you have to clean the fish that is. Ah... it's not that bad.
82. Clam Bake – Great time if you can do it. You might have to go to Hawaii. Well, that’d be alright, wouldn’t it?
83. Record a Song – Go into one of those places in the mall that do this and record a song together.
84. Skeet Shooting – This is much better than taking your date out hunting.
85. Golfing – For the people who are into it, this can be an enjoyable day or evening.
86. Baseball Game – America’s favorite pastime and there’s hotdogs there too.
87. Botanical Garden – Good place to go and get some flowers.
88. Sea Doing – These are a fun item. I would suggest knowing what you are doing before you take a date out on a Sea Do.
89. Swimming with the Dolphins – If you can swim go for it.
90. Archery – Take your date to an archery range and see if you can hit any bulls eyes or maybe split an apple.
91. Out Door Games – There are a few like Lawn Darts, Boche, Putanque (Putanc), Croquet, Cricket etc.
92. Ghost Stories – Get a flashlight, turn off the lights and tell each other ghost stories. You could even use a Ouiji board if you want.
93. Horse Races – Animals again, should be good. Don’t lose your shirt though.
94. Local Fair – Always something to do at the local county fair. Simply a good time had by all.
95. Museum – Especially the history of the local community museums. You can see how they romanced in the good old days.
96. Perform Magic – Perform magic tricks to amuse and inspire your date wherever you go with them.
97. Pictures – Show them your family pictures, old home movies etc. You might be surprised how much fun you have.
98. Country Hoedown – This will be fun. Some good fiddle music to inspire your feet.
99. Ballroom Dancing – Take some lessons and you just might meet your date there.
100. Zoo and Aquarium – Animals are always a good time.
101. Imagination – Well this is the last one and maybe the most important. Use your imagination to create the all time special date. Of course the reason that it will be special is because you get to share it with someone who can inspire you to great things. A friend of mine told me once that the reason he helped his wife with the dishes is so that he could spend more time with her. This is the whole idea; to spend time with one another, have a few laughs and good conversation. It doesn't matter what you do and It doesn’t matter the money spent it doesn’t take a lot of money to have a memorable romantic date. It just takes two people getting to know one another. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to impress you just have to use your imagination!

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