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Discover the Truth

About the Relationship Game
Between the Sexes!

It's not about what they like...!!!
It's about what attracts them!!!

We have what you need to get that special someone in your life.

     If you are a person who just wants to take advantage of the opposite sex then read no further. This is not for you. This is about getting and keeping that special someone in your life not about one night stands. If getting that special someone into your life for the rest of your life is what you really want then please read further.

     In all games there must be Barriers and Limitations or there is no game. In the game of love there are many and they constantly change. You must set barriers and limitations early in the relationship or you will not be respected and he will walk all over you and then when you do set some barriers he will be shocked and probably be gone. Do yourself a favor and let him know some of your rules, but remember what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you don't accept him being late for a date, then don't expect him to accept you being late. It works both ways so be fair but be firm. Don't be nicey-nice. That just gets you disrespect.

     Do you remember the saying "You can get more with sugar than you can with vinegar." You can get a lot with sugar but people don't respect sugar (Look at all the overweight people, the result of eating too many sweets.) but they sure do respect vinegar. Establish a balance between being nice and being firm. (See the Chapter on Balance of Forces)

Men - See also our page on Personal Hygiene and Body Odor Solutions

REMEMBER... It's NOT about what they LIKE
It's about what ATTRACTS them!


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      Knowing what it takes to make you attractive to the opposite sex is the key to getting and keeping that special someone in your life. You will discover what it takes to attract that special person in our e-book(s). Keep from getting that "Let's just be friends." statement from the person who meant so much to you and who you now resent. There are no other books like this out there.

      How many times have you looked at a couple and wondered how in the world did he get her or how in the world did she get him? We tell you how in our e-books. Don't ever again play second fiddle to anyone!

      We are the only site that has e-books for both men and women in regards to getting and keeping that special someone in one's life. See information below on our two e-books, one for men and one especially for you women.

      All information in our e-books has been extensively tested and has been proven to work every time is all you have to do is learn it and it's very easy indeed. With our 3 Secrets Reader specially designed to navigate through the chapters you will have no problem learning the Secrets, tips and other valuable information. We have, by far, the best relationship advice anywhere.
What some people are saying:

  • "was anxious to read your ebook. So, I've been reading and am really enjoying it and have learned a lot. I will refer to both books often."
  • "I've been in the process of divorce for about 3 years, but have been dating one guy who broke my heart. I was so perplexed. I thank you much for your wisdom. I was doing some things right, but certainly didn't understand the "rules" of the game. I feel much better about the future and hope I can find "Mr. Right". At least I feel I'll have a fighting chance!"

    Special Note: Bonus - Even though our e-books mainly deal with the Man - Woman Relationship there is a lot of useful data that can be applied to every type of relationship e.g: Boss - Employee, Friends, Relatives, Sons and Daughters, Parents and even foreign diplomats if you have a mind to use it that way. Remember, it's about getting what you want in life.

  • From a person who just lost his job due to down sizing. - Funny your e-book helped me be a strong man to the guy who came over from Germany. They were basically offering me a months notice which is a joke for 4yrs service. I got the attitude which you said to use and ended up getting 3 months plus negotiating 6k commission.

    We at 3 Secrets are dedicated to helping you accomplish your dreams and our two e-books are filled with just the right amount of information to give you what you need. As we don't expect you to believe us right off the bat we offer you Free Chapters to look at from our menu above, so that you can see what we have to offer and know that what we have will benefit you greatly!

    Wouldn't you like to have an exhilarating yet meaningful relationship with that special heart throb you have always dreamed of?

    Everybody loves to win in life but can you win at a game where you don't know the rules?

    Wouldn't you like to know all the rules to the relationship game and wouldn't you like to get some of those rules for FREE?

    Yes we have Free Relationship Advice for Man and Woman. (Men and Women)

    Just Download our Free Trial and start learning the Rules, Right Now!!! Yes we give you some of this valuable information for FREE and of course the rest you have to pay for as we do have to make a living too. That's just the way life works. But that's not all we're going to be giving you. Yes there's more, read on.

    Wouldn't you like to obtain the rest of this extremely valuable information at a discount?
    Yes you can get a discount, just order within 14 days from installation and the discount is yours. Save over 15%.
    Don't you just love a deal like that?
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         In this day and age proper (not free or free) relationship advice is hard to come by. Most relationship advice talks about what the other person wants or likes. Why is it that so many Relationship Advice and Dating Advice books out there talk about what the opposite sex likes not about what attracts them. This isn't what works because it's not about what they like, it's about Attraction! I'll repeat this; It's about attraction it's not about love like you have for a brother or a sister or a mother or a father. Love comes later, after you get to know each other, like maybe after five years of marriage. What you need to do is learn how attraction works so that you can create an attraction, from the person you are attracted to, to you. Relationship advice that does not deal with this is of no use to you. There is no other Relationship Advice or Dating Advice like what our 3 Secrets e-books uncover. Our relationship advice e-books uncover it all and we have a book for women as well as men because we recognize the relationship problems on both sides of the equation.

         Have you ever had that person that you just adore and then someone else just came along and swept them away? Or, has all the spice gone out of your marriage? Or, is your wife just not interested anymore? Our Relationship Advice e-books can help you. It's all about attraction. That's what the spice is, it's attraction. Proper Relationship Advice is not about what they like, it's about what attracts them. I'll repeat, if you don't have relationship advice that deals with attraction it's just not going to work.

         So, Do you need Relationship Advice or Dating Advice - well who doesn't? Of course if you feel you already know the secrets of the relationship advice we provide in our e-books there is no sense you reading any further but if you don't we do have free chapters to look at , on the menu above, to give you a taste of what we offer.
    Now I know you probably have a multitude of excuses for not reading our relationship advice like:
    • My car's in the shop and I've got to go pick it up.
    • I watch Dr. Phil's and Oprah's relationship advice and that's enough for me.
    • I don't have time right now. I've got to feed the cat and the dog and the mice.
    • I always get what I want from my spouse. I do, Honest!
    • Relationship Advice, what do I need that for?
    • I'm the boss of the house as long as I do what my wife says and that's all I need.
    • I know how to get things out of my husband even if we don't have a very exciting love life.
    • I know all about that relationship advice and dating advice. I don't need anyone to tell me.
          No matter the excuse for not reading our relationship advice e-books, you're going to really feel foolish the next time you try to get a date and get turned down or you try to get some guy to notice you and he doesn't even give you a second glance or your wife isn't in the mood and you wonder why you can't get her in the mood anymore or your husband always wants to work late and you're thinking of joining the Lonely Hearts Club. Yes you're going to feel foolish because you could of had the knowledge to solve these problems but you had an excuse. Yep, you sure did!

         Not even Dr. Phil's relationship advice deals with attraction. I have seen people on his show saying things like "My wife isn't interested in sex anymore. I keep asking her and she just isn't interested." Hey, if you have to ask then you have already lost. What you want is for your wife to be so attracted to you, you will never have to ask and that, my friend, is called Attraction!!! I'll repeat this again, proper Relationship Advice is all about Attraction not about what they like. This is why we have the best relationship advice going! No other relationship advice deals with this the way we do! So which type of relationship advice do you want? The kind that tells you how to be Nicey Nice or the type that actually works to get that special someone in your life and gets you having that exciting fiery relationship you've always wanted.

    Special Note: All page numbers mentioned below are from the printed version of our relationship advice books which are different in our relationship advice e-books.

    Please tell your friend(s) about our web site and e-books because they need this valuable information and because you would be greatly helping them and because the existence of this site depends on it. We're counting on you.
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    Relationship Advice for Men

    3 Secrets to a Woman's Heart - Relationship Advice for Men
    by Iza C. Crett

    • Do you know what to say to a woman to make her want you?
    • Do you have difficulty getting that special someone into your life?
    • Would you like to know the secrets to making this happen?
    • Do you know why Nice Guys Finish Last? Find out why and how to solve it in our 3 Secrets Relationship Advice e-Book for men!
    • The way to Raise Your Self-Confidence is with Knowledge and our relationship advice e-book has the Knowledge you need.
    Excerpts from our relationship advice e-book:

    Ah yes, woman, an amazing and mysterious creature. Illusive and hard to understand. Can't live with them and don't want to live without them. This book can and will help with this dilemma and maybe, just maybe men can have a little peace in their lives as they gain understanding of the rules of the game.

    Do you know the secret to keeping a woman wanting you? It's, "Don't tell her...", Secret No. 3.

    Tip No. 8 - Don't be too predictable. Do things out of the ordinary so they don't know what to expect next although don't be too overly bizarre. They might just think you're strange. Keep Secret No. 1 in mind.

    Page 35 - Knowing when to agree and when to disagree with a women can be a corner stone to a relationship. Agreeing with a women all the time will make you appear weak, and will not create attraction from the woman to you. And disagreeing with her all the time will not win you any favors. What is the solution?

    Page 42 - If you are having a fight with them that is actually good just as long as it doesnít get too serious and you say things you might regret later. If they fight with you that is showing you they have feelings for you. Itís when they wonít fight or get upset then you have a problem. This does not mean that you should pick a fight with them it just means that if you get into a fight with them that you should count your blessings. They fight because they feel itís important enough to make their point known to you.

    Get your copy now of the "3 Secrets to a Woman's Heart" Relationship Advice for Men. It will amaze you how simple it really is to get that special someone in your life and keep them in your life. Knowing the secrets gives you the tools to handle. You won't be fooled by what you are being told by that illusive woman you desire.

    Great gift for that man who is having a difficult time finding that right woman to share his life with.. Whether it be a son, grandson, uncle, brother-in-law or friend this book can and will help them to get that special someone in their life. Download Here

    Please tell your friend(s) about our web site and e-books because they need this valuable information and because you would be greatly helping them and because the existence of this site depends on it. We're counting on you.
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    Relationship Advice for Women

    3 Secrets to a Man's Heart- Relationship Advice for Women
    by Iza C. Crett

    • Do you know what to say to a man to get him interested in you?
    • Do you know how to make a man want you more?
    • Do you know what most men fantasize about? No, not that! You'll be surprised at the answer. It's a key to understanding a man and unlocking his heart for you. See Secret No. 1 in our 3 Secrets Relationship Advice e-Book 3 Secrets to a Man's Heart
    Excerpts from our relationship advice e-book:
    There is an age old question that women ask (Ever since the phone was invented that is), "Why didn't he call? I gave him my phone number, why didn't he call?" The answer to this is... See Secret No. 2 for this answer.

    One of the worst mistakes you can make is to... See Page 9 for this answer.

    Page 16 - In finding Mr. Right you need to know how to spot Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong is the cool and collected guy who doesnít make a mistake. He is not nervous, that is your first clue. The reason heís not nervous is because...

    Page 22 - Many women have low self esteem because they think other women are more beautiful or more sexy or more intelligent. Be assured that other women may be thinking the same thing about you. All people have strengths and weaknesses. Discover your strengths and put them out there where people can see them then pick a weakness and gather knowledge about it as knowledge is the key to overcoming all obstacles.

    Page 27 - What men tell you they want may not be what they really want or what they really need. Men have to be men, most of the time, in other words they canít let their true feelings show because they have to be tough to survive in this shark invested world. It's the way most men were brought up.

         In conclusion our Relationship Advice will give you the knowledge you need to get and keep that special someone in your life. There is no other Relationship Advice like it. Our Relationship Advice e-books give you a full comprehensive look at the man woman relationship from both sides of the coin. As I have already stated there are a lot of relationship advice books out there that deal with what the opposite sex likes but that's not going to get you that special someone in your life. That type of relationship advice will maybe get you some good friends of the opposite sex but that's about it. So don't rely on that other relationship advice when you can have what it really takes.

    Please tell your friend(s) about our web site and e-books because they need this valuable information and because you would be greatly helping them and because the existence of this site depends on it. We're counting on you.
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         Discover the truth; we don't want you to believe anything we tell you here, on our web site, until it is true for you or until you realize it has worked for you and the same goes for the information in our e-books. We know what we have works, so just try it out and you will discover it for your self.

    A successful person is a person who acts upon an opportunity that will help them accomplish his or her dreams. A successful person, a winner that is, doesn't let opportunity pass them by so don't let opportunity pass you by today. Be the Winner that you really are!
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    Special Note: All page numbers mentioned on our site are from the printed version of our Relationship Advice Books and are different in our Relationship Advice E-Books. The PDF Versions of our e-books come with bookmarks for each chapter that you can click on to go to the chapter.

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